I can’t stop (getting downlow) dj mix

New mix from me (Tris) here i did for the fantabulous Downlow radio… These guys are behind the super production company Block 9 who create the most amazing spaces at festivals like Glastonbury and Love Box. Building full on NYC gay clubs and London underground high rise flats in the middle of fields and getting the finest dj’s across the genres to come and bring the walls down. In all my time of going to festivals these guys really blew my head off with the effort they put in. It really pays off too as what they create is unique and special. Really can’t wait to play for them this weekend at Glasto… check me in the NYC Downlow on Friday at 10pm and then at Downlow radio on Monday morning 3am.

This is a slo mo mix full of spaceypfunkdiscoelectroboogie grooves. Some oldies, some newies and some tasty edits all mixed up with more delay than a british rail timetable. Go to the Downlow radio site for the mix & tracklist and check out loads of other great mixes from people like Horse Meat Disco, Foolish Felix, Rob Mello and Joshua Iz.

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