Redux – Christmas office party












We are honoured to be Christmas partying with our office chums DJ History/Lowlife and Electric Minds.   It’s at a secret east London venue on Friday 3rd. December.
After sharing office banter for a year we’ve learnt a few things about each other. We’ve marveled at Frank’s incompetency in property negotiations, we know Andy’s wedding maraccas went down a treat, and we’re pretty sure no one since the 1950s has ever drunk as much tea as Bill. And forever more, the act of returning to the office to get something you’ve forgotten will be known as “doing a Dolan.”

Our three companies have thrown some boss parties this year, so we figured a joint venture would be really executive. Please join us for an overnight brainstorm. There will be ad-hoc meetings, team-building exercises and loads of sexual harassment. Thinking out of your box will be encouraged and health and safety is suspended.

Music from Mark Seven, Hreno (Live), Frank Broughton, Bill Brewster, Andy Whittaker, Tristan da Cunha, Name Drop, Benoit & Dolan Bergin

TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE (Early birds already sold out!)



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