You Know The Drilla

Well it’s been a busy couple of weeks for me and Andy and meant a little neglect on the blog here unfortunately. However i’m back with some goodies for everyone to enjoy so i’m sure that will make up for my absence. First offering is a lovely couple of edits and a mix from Drrtyhaze’s Drilla. For those that don’t know about these very talented Brooklyn boys , they delivered us one of our favourite 12″s for Redux with the New York City Jacks ep and have recorded for Tirk, Gomma &  Speak recordings too. Buy the Redux ep on ltd edition vinyl here. Featuring a killer remix by Popular Peoples Front and the Summery groove of “Make My Body Hot” with James Duncan (Le System / Metro Area) on trumpet duty.

So… half of Drrtyhaze, Drilla get’s the scissors out and gives the Jackson Five’s “Mama, I got a brand new thing” a brand new hair cut. Loose & slow with a funky ass flow , this is best served up with the lights down low .  Then on the chopping block next is Dr York’s wheelie good roller boot rocker “Skate and Shake” with it’s bendy bassline aimed straight at the waistline.  Click the links below to check them out.

Jackson Five – Mama, I got a brand new thing (drilla’s edit)

Dr. York – Skate and Shake (drilla’s edit)

If that wasn’t generous enough of Drilla, he spoils us with a dj mix full of classic aural delights ranging from Hip Hop , Funk & Disco .

a tribe called quest – afterhours
mona raye – do me (munga edit)
fatback band – bus stop
fatback band – keep on steppin’ (noodleman edit)
james brown vs. grant green – aint’ it funky now (onur engin edit)
geraldine hunt – can’t fake the feeling (ac re-edit)
conquest – give it to me (if you don’t mind)
gary tom’s empire – sexy lady
michael wilson – groove it to your body
idris muhammed – could heaven ever be like this (leftside wobble edit)
eddie kendricks – girl you need a change of mind

For an added bonus here’s an old school classic house mix from Doug the other half of Drrtyhaze. I really enjoyed the mix so I thought it would be good to cro-bar this into the post too. He did this a while ago but it’s got some lovely musical antiques on there that are solid classics and will always sound good and capture the essence of house.


1. VIDEO MIND – Do it for me & I’ll do it for you – Stride Records
2. MARCUS MIXX – Without Makeup (Ron Hardy Mix) – lets pet puppies
3. RICKSTER – Night Moves- Sound Pak Records
4. MR. LEE – I cant forget – Trax Records
5. LIZ TORRES- Can’t get enough – State street records
6. E.S.P. – It’s You – Underground records
7. JUNGLE WONZ – Time marches on – Trax
8. WILLIAM S – I’ll never let you go – Trax
9. THE IT – Donnie – Dj International records
10. HERCULES – 7 ways – Dancemania Records
11. JEANETTE THOMAS – Shake your body – Chicago Connection
12. MASTER C& J – Face it – State street records
13. KENNY JAMMIN JASON – Can you dance – Dj International
14. ADONIS – No Way Back – Trax Records
15. THE SWEAT BOYZ – Do You want to Jack? – West Madison Street records
16. PHUTURE- We are Phuture – Trax Records
17. THE CHILDREN – Freedom – DJ International
18. FRESH – Dum Dum – Precision records
19. STEVE SILK HURLEY – Jack Your body – Underground Records
20. FAST EDDIE – Acid Thunder – DJ International

To download the mixes and edits just press ctrl & click download linked file. If you want to check out the Drrtyhaze boys some more then here are some more links below.

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