Ilija Rudman – DJ mix

Our homeboy from the Adriatic has put a new mix up on his soundcloud page.
His selections are always worth checking out, and always 100% vinyl, none of your ableton mixes for Ilija.  He’s also a top producer, and has been honing his craft steadily for years and now has his authentic retro sound to a tee which picks up props from the likes of Darshan Desrani and Dimitri from Paris.  Something this RA reviewer can’t his his short sited head around.  Personally ‘Two faced Love’ is my favourite Ilija jam, but you can’t go wrong with most of his stuff.

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2 Responses to Ilija Rudman – DJ mix

  1. I’m disappointed to see Ilija has clearly been using electricity to make disco records. Everybody knows that BITD, real disco had all their equipment powered by either by gaslamp or burning Catholics. He’ll never get emulate the sound of Sigma Studios using new-fangled electricity.

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