Free edits from Fernando

What kind of blog would we be if we didn’t throw a few free tracks your way every now and then? A pretty rubbish one is the answer. So here are some edits from our very own Fernando that we have managed to steal out of his CD wallet whilst he wasn’t watching. He’s taken his tools to George Clinton’s classic ‘Hydraulic Pump’ (he does love his p-funk) and also the lesser known but equally cool Patrick Adams and Peter Brown track Cloud One ‘Flying High’. Click here to go get the edits. We’ll have more edits from Fernando the next time his back is turned.

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7 Responses to Free edits from Fernando

  1. These edits are BOSS. Been spanking the Hydraulic Pump joint for ages… proper party popper. Thanks Fernando for sharing these with everyone. X

  2. sparkles says:

    these is like well awesome x

  3. sparkles says:

    these is like well awesome x

    (i spelt my web address correctly this time…)

  4. totalcult says:

    Hi guys,

    Would love to listen to these edits but Mediafire keeps telling me ‘No servers available with the requested data’. I’ll try again tomorrow, unless there’s any chance of a re-up?

  5. totalcult says:

    Ignore my last comment, Mediafire works fine today. Amazing tracks – thanks so much for these! 😀

  6. Phil Stone says:

    i guess i missed out on these, would like to hear them if they around… big p-funk fan myself!

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