A Blast From The Past 87-94


One of our favourite selectors and d.j’s Lexx aka Alex Storrer mixes and edits a mighty selection of Hip Hop from the golden era of 87 – 94. This is the real sound of Hip Hop… forget about all the dross plastic stuff we see and hear today in the mainstream or on the shelves in HMV. This is the authentic sound encapsulating everything that made the genre so good.  The music had flow, groove , attitude and a TRUE honest story to convey with the baaaaadest basslines and beats. Just check the track list and you’ll see this is SERIOUS. No head nodding biz…. this mix will snap your neck off.

Respect goes out to Alex for doing such a fine job putting this together, he never fails with his selections and his mixing style further showcases what a great set of ears he’s got… Check out his Soundcloud page for more tracks, edits and dj mixes.  Thanxx Lexx.

“some of my fave hip hop tunes from back in the days. recorded and edited november 2010.” Lexx

A Blast From The Past 87-94 

01. Master Ace – Intro (90)
02. Stezo – Freak The Funk [Dub] (89)/
Jungle Brothers – Beyond This World [Bonus Beats] (89)
03. Big Daddy Kane – Raw (87)/
Ultramagnetic Mc’s – Give the Drummer Some [Inst.] (88)/
Chill Rob G – Let the Words Flow [Inst.] (88)/
Stetsasonic – Talking All That Jazz [Remix Inst.] (88)
04. X-Clan – In The Ways Of The Scales (90)
05. Brand Nubian ft. Positive K – Grand Puba, Positive And L.G. (90)
06. Nice & Smooth – No Delay (89)
07. Biz Markie – Nobody Beats The Biz [Inst.] (87)
08. Jungle Brothers – J. Beez Comin’ Through (89)
09. Gang Starr – Just To Get A Rep (90)
10. A Tribe Called Quest – Rythm (Devoted To The Art…) (90)
11. Craig G – Take The Bait (89)
12. Main Source – Fakin The Funk [Inst.] (92)
13. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – T.R.O.Y. [Acapella] (92)/
Main Source – Looking At The Front Door [Inst.] (90)
14. Diamond & the Psychotic Neurotics – I Went For Mine (92)
15. Showbiz & A.G – Silence Of The Lambs (92)
16. Slick Rick – It’s A Boy [Large Professor Remix Inst.] (91)
17. Nasty Nas – Halftime (92)
18. The Beatnuts – Props Over Here (94)
19. Organized Konfusion – Stress [Remix Ft. Large Professor] (94)
20. Redman – Can’t Wait (94)
21. Crooklyn Dodgers – Crooklyn (94)
22. Gang Starr – Mass Appeal (94)
23. Nas – Momory Lane (94)
24. Kurious – Leave Ya With this (93/94)
25. Black Moon – Got Cha Opin [Remix] (94)/Outro

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New digital

The superb Ron Basejam EP is now out on digital.  All the usual suspects are selling it (Beatport | Juno | iTunes). 

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New vinyl

We are back with some new wax and our first various artist e.p.  We’ve pulled together some of our favourite “track-smiths” to deliver a selection of dance floor goodies. Spanning the globe from London to New York to down under in Melbourne, the music trawled on the first in the series all share the same aim… to make you dance.
A – Drrtyhaze “Get Down To Your Body”
B1 – Mankind – Marimba on Toast
B2 – Pete Herbert and Golden Fleece – Inter Stella


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Come into My House


Here’s a new mix with and old school flavour from myself i did especially for a forthcoming gig at ZUTEKH in Manchester on 9th October. It’s their 3rd Birthday and i’ll be jamming alongside my good friend Adam Shelton (One recs) and Tiefschwarz .

Here’s my bit of blurb i wrote for it.

When i was asked to do a podcast for Zutekh i started to think about what kind of mix i should do for it. Do i play this do i play that? I have so many different flavours that i am into but i didn’t want it to be a mish mash of all of them. So with this in mind i decided to pick a certain style and go with a particular vibe. I listen to Ad Shelton’s ace podcast again so i didn’t do anything similar as i wanted to present something that would be different than what was done previously. I thought about doing something cutting edge with loads of new promos and unreleased stuff, i thought about doing a 90’s deep house mix as i have loads of weapons on that tip too…. but what i realised is there’s lots of those mixes floating about so i decided to go for one of my favourite vibes … An Old School House Party Mix.

Once i’d decided my direction i wanted it to be something that would be good for after parties when people are hanging out, vibing off the night they just had. An old school vibe i thought would be great for that as most of the time i hear all the fresh stuff in the club and love pulling the oldies out at the crack on…Without being obvious with the usual party joints i aimed for something fun and familiar that can hopefully get people on their feet as they get lively in the lounge or bubbling in the kitchen. Some beats for the boys and some grooves for the girls.

There’s some new tracks that sound old mixed in with some old classics that i love playing all the time in my sets. Because of the nature of these older tracks they are always a bitch to mix and get a really good smooth flow going… so, i used my trusty Technics 1200’s, Traktor and some FX to get it all grooving together and to have more control over the way i can mix and blend . Using loops and delays to make them fit a bit better.  So……… i pressed record and this is what came out.

I hope people enjoy the mix and have a good time listening to it. See you on a dance floor or in a house party near you soon Throwing some Shapes .

Peace Love & Housiness 2 U All



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Garden Festival 2011 – Good Times!

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I can’t stop (getting downlow) dj mix

New mix from me (Tris) here i did for the fantabulous Downlow radio… These guys are behind the super production company Block 9 who create the most amazing spaces at festivals like Glastonbury and Love Box. Building full on NYC gay clubs and London underground high rise flats in the middle of fields and getting the finest dj’s across the genres to come and bring the walls down. In all my time of going to festivals these guys really blew my head off with the effort they put in. It really pays off too as what they create is unique and special. Really can’t wait to play for them this weekend at Glasto… check me in the NYC Downlow on Friday at 10pm and then at Downlow radio on Monday morning 3am.

This is a slo mo mix full of spaceypfunkdiscoelectroboogie grooves. Some oldies, some newies and some tasty edits all mixed up with more delay than a british rail timetable. Go to the Downlow radio site for the mix & tracklist and check out loads of other great mixes from people like Horse Meat Disco, Foolish Felix, Rob Mello and Joshua Iz.

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White Elephant album studio sessions up close.

After the fantastic reception that we all got for White Elephant’s “Sir John”  release on Redux, the boys have decided to go into the studio and work on an album. Check out what happens when a bunch of mates get together and have a laugh in the studio and make some sweet acoustic soul along the way…. We can’t wait and i’m sure anyone who got the 10″ will be foaming at the mouth too. Keep your ears to the ground for more news.

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